12 Reasons Cancer Women Are The Best Women To Marry


As the crab of the zodiac, a Cancer woman's love is so deep she wears it is as armor - strong enough to care for everyone she loves. She has the deepest appreciation imaginable for family, friends and home. Cancer women love family life and they truly do love being married. To marry a Cancer woman is to marry someone who is invested in the union; she will never lie to you. She is much like a wolf: she mates for life. Her intentions are good and as far as life partners go, she makes for one of the zodiac signs that make the best wives. Here are 12 more reasons you can never go anywhere but sky high marrying a Cancer woman:
Reason #1: Cancer women are good at saving and managing money.

Ms. Cancer will have a bank account and/or money stashed all over her home. She is a natural saver who understands the value of money. To her, money equals security. It also equals a home and even if she is living in a tiny apartment, she will scrimp and save to achieve her ultimate goal - proud homeowner. The Cancer woman is cautious about everything she does in her life and the handling of money is no exception. She is a shrewd investor and the goal of any financial planning is based on long-term stability. This woman isn’t going to be fooled by get-rich-quick schemes, or easily lured into buying oceanfront property in the desert. She does have her guilty pleasures, however, and will splurge now and again.
Reason #2: A Cancer woman will remember everything you told her.

Cancer women will remember everything you tell them even if it’s in a whisper. They listen more than they speak and they really care about what you have to say. They will remember things you don’t even remember saying and get to know you better than anyone.
Reason #3: Making love to a Cancer woman will be the most passionate experience.

Cancer isn’t the type to ‘half ass’ things when it comes to love and in a relationship they make for an incredibly intense and passionate partner. Being loved by a Cancer is unlike quite anything else and it has the power to make a person feel alive. Making love to a Cancer woman will always be romantic and erotic. She is willing to try many things, and she will always put her partner's pleasure before hers. She loves seduction and sensual fantasies. She enjoys being made love to and is eager to learn. Sex is always attuned with love for her, and bedroom encounters with this water sign are usually pure liquid pleasure.
Reason #4: A Cancer woman will care about you more than she cares about herself.

A Cancer woman is good at nurturing. She will care about you even you push her away. When she loves you, she will still care about you even if you break up with her. Your soup will be ready when you’re sick if a Cancer woman is in your life. She loves taking care of her love from simple things such as a reminder to wear a jacket during a chilly day to feeding her significant other soup he or she is feeling ill. When you fall asleep on the couch, Cancer woman will put a blanket on you. She’ll check if you put enough clothes on when it’s cold outside. A Cancer woman is like a guardian angel.
Reason #5: Cancer women are damn good in the kitchen.

A Cancer woman loves to cook and will make delicious food. Cooking is like her hobby, and she can do it whenever you ask her too. She will never refuse you when you ask her to cook anything for you. She will always cook food for you with passion and love. You have to be ready to gain a little weight if you’re with a cancer woman because you’ll eat everything she cooks!
Reason #6: A Cancer woman makes great mother. She is capable of great sacrifices for the ones she loves.

Cancer woman is defined with great selflessness. She always wants to do things for the people around her and shares everything she has. She is caring towards the people in her life. A Cancer will move mountains and swim across oceans for anyone they care about. She contains a natural maternal feature in her which helps her to form strong bonds with family. Feeling secure with her loved ones, she believes in ‘Home is where the heart is.’ Her natural maternal nature also makes her natural giver of love and care. Similarly, she expects the same love and care to get nurtured. Her emotions are deep, she can be as hard as a rock in tough times, but she’s one of those who can be easily hurt. She’s also good at making laugh which gives her a quality to spread smiles and cheer up the environment.
Reason #7: Most Cancer women have great sense of styles.

A Cancer woman has an exquisite taste in fashion and will always dress up the best. She is stylish and up to date in fashion, but will maintain a somewhat conservative wardrobe. Sensitive to criticism, she’ll dress up to look good, but not enough to be the center of attention. She does not follow the latest craze emanating from the catwalks. Instead, she favors timeless labels and cuts. She prefers traditional outfits and the ones on the feminine side with a comfortable touch to them. She'll pick light fabrics any day over tight jeans. As every crab knows, trends are like tides, and they don’t last long. Her favorite accessories are charm necklaces and pearls. Pale blue and silvers are favored by the Cancer woman and these may be reflected in her clothing styles and home décor. She can make anything and anybody look beautiful; this is how good she is in styling.
Reason #8: You can ALWAYS trust your Cancer woman.

A Cancer woman is trustworthy until scared or deeply hurt. She will not betray her partner in a typical way and will do anything to hold on to her family and her peace at home. If she does something to endanger it, she will probably lie. Basically, if her partner wants a stable home, one will be provided, but no one is to know the sacrifices needed to get there or the possible obstacles this woman has overcome in order to find peace in this union.
Your Cancer woman will make you feel right at home, and she will stay with you through thick and thin.

It can take a while to truly earn the trust and loyalty of a Cancer but once you do you can consider them to be an ally for life. If you become part of Cancer’s inner circle, you can expect them to go to the ends of the world for you. Cancer is the most loyal sign, so they value meaningful relationships of mutual respect and love. They love to see their friends and family happy and will move mountains to make sure that this is the case. There is nothing stronger than Cancer’s loyalty. No matter how the table turns, they will not be swayed to change their sincere feelings about you. If they love you, it’s usually forever.
Reason #9. Cancer women can understand your feelings without you saying anything.

The compassion a Cancer carries with her brings sympathy and warmth to her relationships. She has this incredible gift of compassion that allows her to understand what her partner’s going through. This can make her a very good listener because she is able to put herself in other people’s shoes. She will take the feelings of her partner into account first, comprehend them, then come up with a compromise to work things out.
Reason #10: She follow her heart when it comes to everything.

Cancers might have a reputation for being a bit on the sensitive side but you shouldn’t mistake that for thinking that they are weak. A Cancer's persistence does not allow her to give up so easily on her relationships, even when they seem impossible. Even if it is the irrational or not logical choice to make if their heart is behind it they’ll go that way and you can’t talk them out of it. They are really stubborn when it comes to the things they want. If she knows her partner truly loves and wants to be with her, a Cancer womanwill stop at nothing to make things work.
Reason #11: Family is everything to Cancer women.

The most important things in a Cancer woman’s life are her home and family. Wherever she is, she will make the place a home and it will be tremendously important to her. She will fill it with all the things that interest her, every wall with pictures of her nearest and dearest. Her home will not just be her own sanctuary, but a sanctuary for all those she loves and she will be fiercely protective of it. She is equally protective of her children and knows how to make them feel secure. One of the ways she expresses her love for her nearest and dearest is to feed them, and wonderful food will come from her kitchen. Those she loves will always feel loved and protected and safe with her- she has that quality.
Reason #12. Cancer woman will be the best you’ve ever had.

Cancer women have the purest heart of gold heart of anyone you’ll ever meet. They enter relationships with no motives or asking anything of you. They just love you with everything they can when you prove you deserve it. You’ll be at the center of their heart and the forefront of their every thought at night. They will see you and see no one else. They will do all that they can to make you feel like the most loved man in the world. They will care for you, protect you, cherish you, listen to you, notice the little things you do you aren’t even aware of, and they will love you for that. They are nice and not your average nice, they go above and beyond just trying their best to make your life better. A Cancer woman will be the best you’ve ever had. And God forbids anyone who breaks her trust.

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