11 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in January


January borns do have some essence to their character that you might find very interesting. Characteristics of January are really unusual and unlike something you’ve ever got to witness with other people. If you want to know about the traits of  people are born in January, then take a read in the article below:

1. January born are the funniest!

People who are born in the month of January are expected to have a natural sense of humor. Since it is natural, it surely comes naturally especially if surrounded with a lot of friends and some acquaintances. Sarcasm is part of their middle name. They will crack the best jokes and make you laugh all the time. It is something they can’t resist. Good humor is what they are born with  and they are impressively witty. They are the wittiest of all. Some people get them wrong, but their intention is never to hurt anyone. They might sound a little repulsive… and that’s how they are.

2. People aspire to be like them.

This is one of the best traits of the people who are born in January.  They are so charismatic that you will instantly want to be like them in all ways. Their mental strength is large enough, philosophic and scientific in nature. These people are thinkers and a very cerebral. January born discovers true meaning of self-control when their main goals are connected not with the outside world, but with the inner world. When January born embraces their own tenacity to get rid of negative emotions and start treating everything with kindness and in the positive light, their inner wisdom and broad personality help them to obtain results in anything they do. That is when January born will be able to have remarkable influence on the lives of other people including their own. Sometimes, they are being misinterpreted to be very bossy. The truth is, they are not bossy; they just have abundant ideas in their minds, which can be main source of envy of many people around them. They will always be the best person in the group and people around them will be dying to be in their spotlight.

3. Bold and alert, they shoulder the burden alone.

They believe they can singularly handle any kind of job. They just want to take all the burden for themselves and try to manage all the problems on their own. The reason might also be that they are too afraid to trust anyone beyond themselves. They just want their work done their way because they believe no one can do it better than them. So they try to take everything on them.

In life, sometimes they can face a lot of misunderstanding. They don't always make friends easily, and although probably have a few close friends, at heart, these people often feel very lonely. “ … a thousand people around, but I am all alone” is a great statement to represent born in January. These people often support the unpopular cause and stand up to the side of defeated, and as result can easily amass enemies.

4. They are born adults and become youthful with age.

January borns are young at heart but sweet old souls. They age backwards and are the livest people to live around. January born is well known for behaving wisely and very maturely from an early age or during the learning years of life. But the best news is that January borns get to cash out all these years as they get older because they are the sign of reverse aging! They work very hard to find enough fuel to have a good and comfortable life.  Once they have reached the success and plenitude they deserve, they get ready to reap the rewards of their hard labor. As their years of enjoyment go by, January borns also start looking much younger than they actually are for the later part of their life. Who needs anti-aging creams? Not January born!

5. Fantastic kisser, erotic lover, but they are not very high on the expressing font.

DO NOT EXPECT A JANUARY BORN TO EXPRESS FEELINGS! If you are having a relationship with January-born individual, you should be ready with the fact that you will be hurt in the early stage of your relationship since they don’t express their love evidently. It would be silly of you to expect them to go all cossy and lovey-dovey on you. It’s because they are still trying to figure out if the love they have towards you is really real. They take time to understand their own feelings and trust me, if they have got up to that extent of love, then nothing can stop them to make you feel good. Once you penetrate their comfort zone, they are the best lovers , are erotic in nature and very romantic. In the longer run, they are easy going people you can be with and sure there won’t be any drama.

Once in a relationship, they commit fully. They are unlikely to stray. They value the love in their lives to a fault. They are committed lovers. They commit to everything else too. Even if you decide to just be friends, they'll still be a committed friend. January born is the kind of person who has your back no matter what.

6. They do not respond to stupidity and and are immune to stupid remarks.

People born in January are the best people when it comes to handling stupid questions. They know how to criticize people without hurting them or making them realize their mistakes. Smiling away with their witty grin may disgust some people. When someone asks them a stupid question, they just answer it with silence. They refuse to entertain stupidity. You ask them a question; they will just silently evade them. They make the best “ no offense “ face and easily ignore those are being idiotic around them. Their smile can sometimes make you cynical about what is going on their minds.

January born also doesn't play games. There's none of this waiting two days before texting after a first date or playing manipulative games with a partner. They're straight shooters. They're honest. They want to fully be themselves with you and they expect the same.

7. At times, they do weird crap when they are bored.

If they are bored, then weird things might come out of them. You might really get surprised to this part of them. They can be real entertainers at times. They do crazy stuff when they want to have fun and can give you a real high on excitement and fun. Their crappy and weird ideas will make your jaw drop and you will wonder that such creatures also exists in this World! They are wild. You may not this secret about them, but they can be wild enough. You can’t get bored with a January born because they are really exuberant people. You can never imagine what they can be up to if they want to have a good time. Be prepared to get shocked! However, they don’t let this crazy side come out in front of people. Only a few people who are comfortable with them shall see the wild nature of them.

8. They are crazy party people.

They are real party freaks. They love to enjoy the company and have fun. They don’t really need a reason to party and they want is fun and entertainment. All they need is good music and they will go in party zone. Music is one of their inspiration and you will find them in earphones most of the time. Party and adventure, be it day or night… they are always up for it. Give them the responsibility to entertain you and they will do it very well.

9. They love to lead no matter what be the scenario.

Born leader they are. You can not push a January born. They always have a mind of their own regarding everything. They have a leader in them that you can not underestimate ever. If at all they are, they will influence the person doing it. They would always come forward to shoulder the responsibility and lead from the front. They don’t really want to be one among the others. They have strong skills and all they want is to lead. They can sometimes be adamant what they want and might not be a part of the ordeal if they don’t get to lead.

10. They have unique point of view in life and have high standards.

Above all the qualities they prefer intelligence and can forgive almost anything to friends, if they are unusual, intelligent and talented. These people’s views on love, duty and social living are always unique, and therefore make them look as eccentric at times. As a strong minded, with steady trend towards independence, January people must lead in everything they do; otherwise they lose interest in their work. They hate restrictions of any kind and rebel against everything that has the nature of binding, although, at the same time, they are inclined to respect the traditions and authority. The hard work and diligence can sometimes turn into a mania and turn January born into pure workaholic. In general, January character is positive, but they need to cultivate cheerfulness. Because have a quite strong tendency to hypochondria and melancholia.

January born, by nature, has incredibly high standards. They don't necessarily want the fanciest clothes or the hottest new car, but they want people who have integrity, who are honest, and who are real. The paycheck doesn't matter. Who you are on the inside does.

11. You never get to know what is going on their head.

They are rather wild when it comes to keeping secrets. You will never find out their deepest darkest secrets because they prefer to keep things to themselves. They jell very well around people. Don’t judge it to be a split personality disorder. They manipulate their nature and habits according to the people they are dwelling with. Perfect combination of tough, sarcastic, funny and ambitious, January borns are few of those people in your life who believe in real facts without believing blindly. They are realistic people and don’t take crap from anyone. They are totally logistic people who always look for reasons. A friend or partner born in January  can light up your life with laughter and make you feel comfortable at all times.


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  • Grace

    OMG….Ds z true bt I dnt lyk partying

    proudly 4th January

  • Ana loZada
    Ana loZada

    All is true . Born January 11 here…

  • Ana loZada
    Ana loZada

    All is true . Born January 11 here…

  • pulkeria   kamelle
    pulkeria kamelle

    it`s real true and am proud of being born in January 28 ……..

  • pulkeria   kamelle
    pulkeria kamelle

    it`s real true and am proud of being born in January 28 ……..

  • pulkeria   kamelle
    pulkeria kamelle

    born in 28january 1999 all of these are 100%true…….

  • pulkeria   kamelle
    pulkeria kamelle

    born in 28january 1999 all of these are 100%true…….

  • Vinay

    Nice one and this article describe me 100% even including my lifestyle… Thanks to the written as felt like am reading my own story……

  • jhanella mae kumar
    jhanella mae kumar

    Born on 11th of January, all that has been said is 1oo% correct. I have read all about myself.

  • jhanella mae kumar
    jhanella mae kumar

    Born on 11th of January, all that has been said is 1oo% correct. I have read all about myself.

  • Esther Thabo Phiri
    Esther Thabo Phiri

    Wow I am amazed this is so true… … . Born January 21 ,1999.

  • Esther Thabo Phiri
    Esther Thabo Phiri

    Wow I am amazed this is so true… … . Born January 21 ,1999.

  • Kwabena Adjei
    Kwabena Adjei

    January 1991 born all is true about me

  • Kwabena Adjei
    Kwabena Adjei

    January 1991 born all is true about me

  • Nawaz

    Happy to born on Jan 9th

  • Thendral

    This is so true…. I was born in Jan 20, 2001. This is really amazing..

  • Shanita

    Am a January 4th babe. This Describes the whole of me though not good at partying .

  • Sadat Abubakari
    Sadat Abubakari

    Happy to be born in 15th January 1991, all written in the article is soo damn true, in addition is that we are soo moody. Our mood swings all the time. And I hate it. I hate being angry to people bcz as a leader it hurts the people am leading

  • Edwin Bentum
    Edwin Bentum

    This article is very true.January borns are very erotic when it come to loving someone………thus very true.

  • Jamie

    I’m a January 6th baby and I’m def a comedian, a biz owner and I think about things and process them my own way.

  • ARzi.foxy

    Born on January 04 here. This is true about me, we’re born leaders and others got envy on that.. I hope january’s Partner could read this..

  • Dara

    18.01.2002 this article is so true

  • khaled draoui
    khaled draoui

    Wow every word is correct af

  • Marcel

    So true 22nd January 1999

  • Jason Woodle
    Jason Woodle

    Wooow im 18th of january 1981 pefect it my behave way is lamo

  • Celia

    Wow ,i am pleased every word is true. Someone just read all of me. I am january 1. One thing the writer didn’t mention how clean we are.

  • Patrick

    They lead people on and use people and play games. They are narcissistic but it get cleverly disguised. They are life ruiners. They are immoral people and all about the “self.”

  • Ven

    OMG i just love this reading everything said was true about me and this reading with the comics make me laugh

  • Ruth Kapito
    Ruth Kapito

    Proud to be a capricon born 2 Jan 1994

  • Sundar Joseph
    Sundar Joseph

    Sooo Truee each and every thing i am born on 05 jan 1991

  • Hemant Chauhan
    Hemant Chauhan

    This is so true.

  • Sandy Aditi
    Sandy Aditi

    It’s really true about me

  • Sandy Aditi
    Sandy Aditi

    It’s really true about me

  • Mary Shiny
    Mary Shiny

    Me:: January 2nd 2002
    The writer is 100% correct.
    Blessed to be January born😇
    Well said👏👏

  • Bichu R Saju
    Bichu R Saju

    Yeah I’m agreeing to this up to a limit bcz not all of them doesn’t defines me still I know it won’t be applicable to everyone, so yes I like it.

    But I’m here to clear my doubt about my zodiac is that al Though I know I’m an Aquarius but my characters ( mostly about 94%) is of a Capricorn’s. I don’t know why. Please anyone who can help me out with this please feel free to reply. Plus I’m having a “SIMIAN PALM” ( not having a DOWN SYNDROME disease too).

  • Robyn Brown
    Robyn Brown

    I wish there were January sex counselors

  • Devesh

    so very true

    10th of January

  • Jennifer

    I was born on the first day of January 2000 and the article is really good and clear

  • Fouad

    WooooW ! I could not believe how accurate EVERY and single point was ! I didn’t know that all January born were similar ! This article describes my life pretty much… 29/👑/2003

  • Kushal

    I was born on jan 1 1999 it is new year i found my true character in this….

  • praise

    born on January 17 (1998) everything here is true cos I don’t like making friend and I don’t trust easily.

  • Prince Mike
    Prince Mike

    January 10th born. The write up is quite fascinating because it contains every virtue of me. My girlfriend wowed after reading it. People don’t get to understand our nature because we are uniquely different.

  • Edet emmanuel
    Edet emmanuel

    The write up is so clear that i was wondering if the writer knows me one on one.
    I represent the great
    january 6th d most unique day in january

  • Caitlyn King
    Caitlyn King

    I’m 4th of Jan 2000. I agree heavily with everything in this article, especially the part about not caring so much about money, but more so finding people with integrity.

  • dantil eguare
    dantil eguare

    I’m so happy to see this sweet words about me so believeble to the end at first I was thinking I’m good at making friends and loving someone for to Long now I know this is me for real thanks so much jan10

  • javan

    born on 5th of January and the story is about me i sawed myself in the story

  • Noxy N
    Noxy N

    wow I can’t believe this,this thing is so true I’m like this and I’m proud to be born in January 25 2000

  • Aman

    Evrything is true i felt i read about my self spcly music lovers few frnds honest loyal commitd m alone inspite of many people funny nevr believe in anyone bcz only i can do da best bold nvr want to hurt others nvr respond to stupid thing n realize others mistak by silence high standards no one can easily understnd us bcz v r on another level proud to b capricon

  • Tharini V Kannan
    Tharini V Kannan

    Born on 1 Jan 2000 and proud of it. (Sometimes)
    All these stuff seems to be true but is it really true? We may be born in the same month but everyone of us is shaped in different ways, living different lives. So really idk.

  • Abigail Delali Kporyi
    Abigail Delali Kporyi

    Wow…. so so true… I have always been proud of being a January born…. we are so unique that people don’t get to understand us…. I love the weird side of me…proud January born -17 January

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