14 Reasons Why Geminis Make The Best Friends Ever


If you have the opportunity to be friends with a Gemini, you are SO freakin’ lucky. A lot of the time, people assume Geminis are duplicitous, for obvious reasons, but that’s far from the case. Even though they are known for their high energy, they also like to be alone and reflect. Needless to say, if you have a friendship with a Gemini, you are in for the craziest ride of your life.

Reason #1: A Gemini friend keeps you on your toes (and LAUGHING. A lot.)

Be ready to be teased (in a playful and LOVING way!) by your Gemini friend. They are SO very quick with comebacks and pride themselves on being smart. They never mean to hurt you though, so if they say something that hits a little too deep for you, talk to them privately. Your Gemini friend will more than likely feel terrible for saying what they did, and apologize.

Gemini has a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor.

The Gemini has a sharp wit and they are well known for their extremely dry and sarcastic sense of humor. They also have the ability to laugh at themselves when they're wrong, which they rarely are. They don't mind being the butt of a good, smart joke for the sake of real fun, and they're willing to look foolish to get a laugh. If you like clever, thoughtful humor, hang out with a Gemini. With their impeccable sense of humor, they'll make sure your life is all giggles and laughter. Think of the friend who makes you laugh the most - must be a Gemini.

They are life of the party.

Geminis are fun, and they want to make every occasion a good time. They need to play, laugh, hold court, and hang out with their friends. With their wide understanding of many topics and love for information, Geminis are great guests at a dinner party. When they're "on," the party will continue, and you'll be glad for their company.

Reason #2: Gemini can be a bit of a weirdo sometimes. There will never be a dull moment with this amazing creature in your life!

Gemini can be random, unpredictable and a downright weirdo at times leaving others perplexed and wondering just what the the hell it is that they’re going to do next. A Gemini will always maintain a sense of wonder and a genuine enthusiasm for life. They aren’t big fans of anything too dull and ordinary and prefer to constantly mix things up and go against the grain. One thing is for sure… with Gemini around you will never be bored. Your Gemini friend will keep you feeling young and excited.

Reason #3: They’ll love you and hate you at the same time with the same vengeance.

They are very versatile people and they are moody. They do not stand for anything they think to be a matter of principle. You will eventually get caught in the midst of these emotions, but if they are your real friends, they’ll know how to blow things over. They’d probably randomly text you a dinner invitation as if nothing ever happened.

Reason #4: Geminis tell you what they REALLY think. No holds barred.

Gemini is NOT afraid to tell you exactly what they think. The Gemini has got a lot of opinions and you better believe that they are going to share them with with the world. They’re the kinds of people that will tell you exactly what is on their mind without any kind of filter… even if it’s not pretty.

They will say what you need to hear right to your face (because that's what friends are FOR!)

Geminis don’t beat around the bush and they will always speak their mind. They won’t play games with you; they’ll say what you need to hear. They’re protectors, and always for your benefit. Whether or not you want to hear it, if you NEED to hear it, a Gemini will say it.

 Reason #5: Geminis lead the way when you really need them to.

They’re curious and in need of information, and they get a buzz from being in charge, so they’re not going to hesitate when you both need some direction. Either way, you’ll always have someone who knows what the next step is in any situation!

Reason #6: Geminis are smarter than the average bear. They’re creative and jacks-of-all-trades.

Geminis are well informed. They do their research on topics that interest them, and they're able to store information in their heads as if they have the Internet in their brains. This also means a Gemini is usually the smartest person in the room. Rarely will a Gemini work to prove their intelligence, they'll just ignore whoever doubts them. It can be intimidating.

Geminis are multi-talented, artistic and usually have their hands in a few different things at once. Given the right projects, Geminis, too, can be highly capable and efficient (ex. JFK, Che Guevara, Angelina Jolie, Kanye West). They work best in creative, fast-paced environments and make excellent public speakers.

Reason #7: Gemini is a supportive and encouraging friend.

When one of their friends or loved ones has problems the Gemini often picks up on it instinctively before a word is even said about it… and they will then go out of their way to make sure they are okay. They always know exactly what to say to make someone feel better and are great at giving advice that is actually helpful.

Geminis are extremely compassionate. You can depend on them to always understand what you're saying, or what you meant to say, even when you don’t say it at all.

They spend a lot of time trying to see both sides of the coin - and they usually can. This, in turn, helps them understand many different perspectives and they can usually understand where everyone is coming from. This happens when the situation does not involve them at all, of course. You can depend on them to always understand what you’re saying, or what you meant to say, even when you don’t say it.

Reason #8: Geminis always have something good to say. They will help you see the brighter side when the going gets tough.

A Gemini is that happy-go-lucky friend that is always ready for a fun time. Even when you’re feeling down, your Gemini friend will incessantly boost your mood and do everything in their power to make you feel just as jovial as they are. They’ll dance, sing, tell jokes, and anything else to spread their contagious positive energy to you. There is something about Geminis that just gets your spirits high. Because they're always so happy and cheerful, you always look forward to meeting them. They simply make your day!

Reason #9: They're great conversationalists. You'd often find yourself talking to a Gemini for hours at a stretch at parties for no reason. Not only do they always have interesting things to tell, they're curious to know people.

Being the most fun doesn't mean they're frivolous and shallow. Most Geminis are very intellectual, in fact. Philosophical conversations with them are thought-provoking to say the least. 

They ALWAYS have something to talk about.

Geminis are going to be flirtatious which means they are going to have a lot of stories from the bedroom, or beyond. They are wonderful story tellers and they will have you laughing your butt off. No matter what happens, you’re going to have a good time with your Gemini friend.

Reason #10: Those who have a Gemini friend already would know that they're the most loyal friends they can ever have. Whether it is fighting for you, or carrying you home when you pass out, they'll always have your back.

Gemini friends are very supportive of a person’s dreams, projects or any random ideas. If they see you have the passion for it (and Gems are very passionate people), they will push you and even help you achieve your goal. They are enthusiastic and will plan each step with you. Their lively spirit and enthusiasm can be very infectious and you will need that from a friend when trying to achieve something. They will not stop your plans as they are not jealous people and won’t stop you just so you don’t leave them behind. The way the Twin lifts you up can take you a long way. When you’re feeling down, Geminis will go out of their ways to cheer you up. They’ll bring you to parties, introduce you to people and even do a little retail therapy with you.

Reason #11: They're also extremely adventurous. They'll pull you out of your own little bubble and into the real world.

A Gemini is a hunter - they seek knowledge and adoration, but above all else, they seek lots and LOTS of fun! Gemini-born people are the biggest travelers. Their curiosity is unparalleled. For this, they are constantly seeking new information, new viewpoints, and new ways of thinking. Having a Gemini as a friend can open your mind to alternative viewpoints you may not have even known existed. They love doing crazy things you can only imagine. They're the ones usually suggesting trips every other month! They love to travel. Even at parties, they're always up for the wildest games. Gemini is your perfect partner in crime!

They’re free spirits. They’ll liberate you.

A Gemini will freely move from one subject of attention to another. They love to travel, and they will seek freedom and liberation. For those of you who find yourselves constantly trapped by your day-to-day tasks, you need a Gemini friend. Their personality will liberate you and remind you just what it feels like to do what YOU want to do.

Reason #12: They'd be willing to empty their wallets to pay for you just so you can have a blast. And, when they're broke, they'd never even hesitate to ask you to pay for them! With Gemini, there is no way petty things like money are getting in the way of fun.

Geminis are generous. Even when a Gemini is going through hard times, he or she will still be generous with those who are close to him or her. Not known for being frugal or particularly good with money, Geminis will spend more money than they should before they risk being thought of by others as cheap.

Reason #13: They're neither too mechanical nor too emotional. They know when to listen to their heart and when to listen to their brain. A Gemini will not only give the most practical solution to your problem, but will also solve most of it for you.

In friendships, Geminis loves to gab and gossip. And if you’re in need of advice, Geminis are the ones to ask; they give great guidance, as well as a unique perspective on things.

Reason #14: They forgive, but never forget.

Geminis’ spirit animal should be the elephant. Though they forgive easily, they never forget when you’ve wronged them. When a Gemini cares about you, he or she will see past the mistakes you’ve made (usually to his or her own detriment). But, because of Geminis’ inability to forget, you’ll be hard-pressed to regain their trust, which can cause a toxic and negative environment for everyone involved. Moral of the story: Don’t screw over a Gemini. 


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    nidhi sanghavi

    superb man i,m 4 june born . i loved it.

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    June 4th Representin’💥💪🏽.
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    This is so true for me.
    I’m a June 3rd born!
    I do all these.LOL

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    May 25 baby and so true but if u get on my bad side it u aint gonna get the regular kamiyah back

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    All true June 1st here.

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    June 2nd. I’m such Gemini

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    Adinorkie Klopah

    This is soo me..
    I am a 2nd June born..
    I can’t believe I bear all these characteristics..

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