12 Reasons Why You Should Never Take A Leo For Granted


Leo is known for being full of life, outgoing, lovable and exuberant. But there are some Leos who are modestly confident, and more introverted in nature. They may not demand attention like extroverted Leos but they still enjoy getting it, and know that they've got something to offer. When a Leo decides that they want you, they will be eternally yours. Leos are very selective about the people they mingle with. If you’re one of the lucky few who they devote their attention to, having them around will be life-changing for you. Here are 12 reasons why you should never take a Leo for granted.
Reason #1: Leos never chase after someone unless they are really important. Other than that, if you want to go, they’ll hold the doors open.

In order to be with a Leo, you have to work for it because they do not just date anyone. For the most part, once a Leo gives up on a relationship, there is no going back. A Leo will never beg for you to stick around. If they have to keep fighting for your attention, they will realize very soon that they don’t need you. They don’t waste their time and effort on something that they think will not work.
Reason #2: When a Leo deeply cares about someone, they never give up and won't let their pride get in the way.

Love is something that Leos crave. Once they have someone they feel has secured their loyalty and devotion, they are usually the same way. Trust is huge for Leo, so once you have gained that trust, you can expect a lot of great things in return. Leo rules the heart and loves deeply, but they don't want just anybody. When they meet the right person, they will just know. It will be instinctual. When a Leo decides that they want you, they will be eternally yours. When the Leo loves someone, they’re determined and humble. Leos are some of the most passionate people in the world, and they crave love. Once they feel that they have secured the loyalty and devotion from their partner they are quick to reciprocate in full. Trust is always number one on a Leo’s list, so once you’ve gained it, you’ll only receive the same in return.
Reason #3: A Leo wants and demands only the best.

When you’re with a Leo you better be prepared to put in some work. They don’t have time for any lazy people. They don’t accept others who do a half-assed job. They may love you, but they won’t put up with any petty bullshit. They can sense with something is wrong right away. This is why Leos tend to be very intimidating - they will push anyone who stands in their way. The thing is, Leo needs attention. A Leo needs to be adored, pet, and loved. When Leo isn't getting this in their relationship, they will find it somewhere else. If you love a Leo, Pay attention to them before it's too late.
Reason #4: Leos have a great sense of humor.

They are the life of the party. They know how to make people laugh. They are masters at brightening up someone’s day especially the ones they care about. They love to be in the spotlight and the more attention you give them is even better.
Reason #5: A Leo brings flare, fun and personality into a relationship.

As a fire sign, Leo knows how to turn up the heat. They know how to create the perfect mood. They have a lot of passion in their heart, and they express this on the regular. Leo lives their life for the things they love most, and the things they enjoy doing the most. The people in their lives are the most important to them. You'll be hard-pressed to find a Leo in a career that doesn't speak directly to their heart. Leo is the type to do what they love and love what they do.
Reason #6: They don’t rush to judgment.

Leos have your back. If there’s one person you can rely on, it’s definitely a Leo. Leo's lead big lives and they value the spots they give to people in it. That means they avoid cattiness and pettiness because it's temporary and distracting. Instead, Leo's focus is on the bigger picture - they aren't quick to judge people and they give everyone a chance, but that doesn't mean they're forgiving.
Reason #7: A Leo has a sense of loyalty.

Even if the definition of being loyal changes, Leo will sacrifice their own needs for your loyalties. Leo doesn't like to stir the pot if they can help it, but they do get frustrated when they give too much, and get back too little. Loyalty is incredibly sacred to the Leo, and if you dishonor it, it will take time for Leo to forgive you and move forward. If Leo really loves you, they are almost always open to working it out.
Reason #8: Their positivity is contagious.

Their positivity will soon become your positivity. When you’re around a Leo, you will ultimately feel incredible. A Leo’s positive attitude and reach for the stars attitude will boost your spirits. They have such a strong influence on those around them. Their outlook on life is something everyone desires and strives for. Being around a Leo makes people just feel good. Their positive attitude and nothing-is-impossible attitude boosts even the lowest of spirits. They command great influence on those around them, because their outlook on life is something that everyone strives for.
Reason #9: They are petrified of rejection.

The fear of rejection can take over a Leo’s whole life. If they feel the slightest hint of rejection, either in the minds or real, this can trigger emotions of humiliation, loneliness, uselessness, or just feeling pathetic overall. As they have a tendency to dwell on all emotions, these feelings don't go away fast and can result in a lot of bad days.
Reason #10: Underneath their strong and independent exterior, a Leo loves to be romantic and swept off their feet.

They love to be loved and they love to love. A Leo feels things a lot more strongly than other zodiac signs. They appreciate the little things, and they like to spoil the people they care about. They want to be in meaningful relationships.
Reason #11. A Leo has a tremendous amount of love to give, and they just want to be loved in return.

Leo needs to feel like they are loved and wanted. They want to feel valued, and like their partner would never want anyone else. Consistent love is the key to keeping your Leo attentive. You have to remind them that they are loved and wanted. As it's been said, Leo likes to make other people happy, but it is important that they make themselves happy in return. Sometimes Leo is so caught up in the bright lights that they mistake love for infatuation, try to understand where your love comes from. Figure out if it has the potential to be a healthy, long-lasting relationship, which is mutually validating.
Reason #12: Don’t mess with them or you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Speaking from experience, a Leo does not go back on their word. Once they are done with you, you will never hear from them again. They are extremely loyal and confident, so they don’t need people who will bash their lifestyle. Leos are protective of their heart, so if you hurt them you’re in trouble. The worst thing someone can do to Leo is to hurt their pride or be unappreciative of them. Sometimes Leo can be too kind for their own good and they may find that less savory characters try to take advantage their generosity. If they catch you abusing their good-will they will not hesitate to unleash the fury of their inner lion to scare you off trying your bullshit with them ever again. Leo hates back stabbing and talking from behind. Beware if you do so, you are dead.. they will hunt you down and make you regret.

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  • Jennifer

    So me August 4

  • Pearl

    I’m so proud to be August born all is said and it truly defines me….

  • ETAKA Sandra
    ETAKA Sandra

    Proudly 3rd of August everything stated is absolutely true didn’t know somebody could be so knowledgeable about us leos it’s nice to know that someone understands how we behave and why we behave so.

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    Sharmila Gupta Sen

    It’s so very accurate for me.

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