13 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in October


The month October is here and with it come the cool chills of the north as they make way for winter. People born in October are special and have different sets of traits. They are very apt for every situation and can adopt with anything. If you see them closely then you will understand that they are really special and very few people have strong traits like them. Here are the 13 unbelievable traits of the people born in October:
1. They are very charming, charismatic and romantic souls.

People born in October are charismatic. This is a rare quality, but people born in October abound in it. They have the ability to win everyone’s hearts with their charming attitude. October borns are always in front when it comes to popularity, and everyone wants to be their friend. Really, their charisma as well as charming and magnetic personality gains them many followers and you need to think twice before you contradict them. They have a positive influence on everyone they meet, and they are like a ball of energy. An October born leaves a long lasting impression on others as they are blessed with inner beauty as well as outer charm. People born in October are very confident and you can just envy their personality.
People born in October are born romantics and lovers.

If October borns love something or someone, they will go to the ends of the earth to show their love and how much you mean to them. They are very attractive to the opposite sex and they can easily win anyone over with their sweet talk. So it’s best not to play with their feelings because it is real. With their personality and ability to sweet talk, it's hard not to fall for them, but once you do, there’s no way you will regret it. If your partner was born in October, you are lucky, because they will love you forever.
2. They are very honest, believe in justice and harmony.

October borns are very honest and they stick to the truth. You’ll always know where you stand with them and they won’t go badmouthing you behind your back. They also have a sixth sense for detecting bullshit and can sniff you out if you’re being ‘fake’. Since they are honest with you they expect the same courtesy in return if and if you can’t manage that then they will have very little time for you.

Their nature is to believe in justice and also do justice to everything that come across their life. They are not among those who escape from the situation after committing some wrong doing. October-born people are known to be very fair towards others. They make sure that everything has fairness and equality. They even help others in seeking justice that they deserve. They have this belief that everyone, rich and poor, are equal when it comes to rights and privileges.

They are very harmonious. They will hardly go for any dispute and issues. They love to keep harmony and follower of peace. They tend to follow the rules and regulations in their life.
3. October borns are peace loving and hospitable.

These people love peace and they prefer a calmer and quieter surrounding. Due to this trait they don’t have many foes. People born in October rarely raise their voice and lose their temper, and they can find common ground with almost any person. If you want to feel completely safe in your everyday life in the society you belong, then you must have October-born people on your side. It’s because they are peace-loving people. They make sure that there is a harmonious relationship between the individuals who are surrounding them. October borns are also known for their caring hospitality and they are always happy to see you. They are not only polite but they also make sure other people are comfortable. This is a must-have trait of every person!
They are friendly.

People born in October are very friendly and they can easily strike up an acquaintance. Their suave and charming personality helps them make new friends wherever they go and their happy, smiling face can light up even the darkest surroundings.
4. They are very calm and emotionally intelligent.

People born in October are known for their calm and collected nature. They almost never lose their temper, if they do, you probably have done something which exceeds their limits. Their relaxed attitude allows them to have more friends than enemies. October borns also prefer to find common ground with anyone they meet which makes it easier for people to talk to them.

Those who celebrate their birthdays in October are at the zenith in terms of EQ. People born during this month are conscious of their own emotions and their social skills and empathy are equally outstanding as well. October born has a firm hold on their emotions. They do not go around lashing out their anger or worries on other people. They are aware of their surroundings and will try their best not to make a scene. What makes them even better people is their empathetic nature - they will not judge you! Instead, they will give you their shoulder to lean on. 
5. They possess creative minds.

One great thing about these people is the fact that they have creative minds. This helps them a lot especially in the real work setting in the industry that they are into. Thus, it is no longer surprising why October-born people find great success in the field of arts and interior designing.
October born folks should stop living in the dreamland!

October born people happen to be one of the biggest daydreamers you’ll ever meet. As lovers of beauty, their perceptions are often colored by rose-tinted glasses and they refuse to face the reality. They don’t need too many people around them as they themselves are enough. They are deep thinkers and while sometimes their extreme imaginations get difficult to execute. They need to learn to avoid prolonged decision and be quick thinkers. While it is a Libra’s foremost trait to achieve balance, these individuals need to work hard towards achieving it. They need to strike a balance between work life, personal life, emotions, finances, spirituality and so on.
6. October borns blessed with a strong psyche. They love challenges.

They have a strong psyche and can read people well. They do well in careers such as real estate, food, stock market, marriage counseling, interior decoration and the arts in general. However, they need to focus to bring out their inner stamina and intuition.
They are naturally attracted to competitive people.

Those born in October are naturally competitive in nature. But they need to be ready to face challenges that come with such a relationship. Challenges in life are the most common part in October borns’ life. They like to accept challenges and challenge others. They can do anything to win the race. You can note this quality in even the smallest tasks of their everyday lives, the way these people takes every single competition as the question of life and death. They can be everyone’s biggest competitions, so you better watch out. Their intuitive and practical minds can be the key for this amazing characteristic of them.
7. October borns are very optimistic and business-oriented.

When it comes to achieving their goals, failure does not stop them. These people never lose hope and keep trying and they always reach their goals. Their positive thinking allows them to try and try till they succeed, they never give up! Their positivity is contagious too, which makes them good team leaders because they unknowingly motivate others to do their best and not to lose hope during difficult times.
People who are born in October are usually business-oriented.

They have strong interest about business, which is why they always try their best in learning the ins and outs of every business industry they are into.
8. If you have a problem, an October born will solve it for you.

Believe it or not, people born in October have answers to everything. They analyze the situation and come up with solutions that will satisfy everyone. If you ever have a problem, do not hesitate to ask an October born. You will be surprised at how quick they come up with a great advice. For all we know, they probably have answers to all the world problems.
If you are depressed or are going through a difficult situation always ask an October born for advice.

They will give you the best advice ever, given that you tell them the whole truth. The way they give advice is so unorthodox, they don’t push you for information you don’t want to give and they don’t make you feel guilty for what you did. They hear your part of the story and then give you a suggestion in a way that is both beneficial and conventional.
9. They spend a lot of money.

Oh well, October borns are a little careless when it comes to money. Even though they don’t have much, they spend the money they have on buying things for others. They spend a lot of money not only on themselves but others too. People born in October do not believe in small gifts - the bigger, the better! They only tend to spend more on people they care about, and that is why people sometimes take October borns for granted for their generosity.
10. October born individuals get frustrated by naysayers and constant negativity.

They get frustrated when they have to deal with overly negative people who do nothing but criticize and poke holes in every single idea that they have. They prefer to surround themselves with positive people that take a ‘can do’ approach to life and they’ll distance themselves from people who constantly try to bring them down.
They easily get offended.

These people are prim and proper most of the time. They are very careful with their moves. This is the reason why they get offended very easily by other people’s rough behaviors. Hence, when you are with these people, make sure to watch your behavior.
11. They consider family as top priority.

For them, there is one thing that must be prioritized first at all times, and this is the family they have got. They love building a family nestled in a home that is full of positivity and good vibes in which everyone loves one another unconditionally.
An October born always cares about you.

Yes, an October born individual will always be there for, they will help you in sticky situations and may even lie to protect you. They will tend to your needs and wishes, but don’t let their life be just that, okay? People often take them for granted because of their easy-going nature. Don’t do that, it’s unfair and very rude. Remember, if you love an October born whole heartedly, you have no idea how much they will love you back. They are known to give a new definition to love.
12. They tend to throw personal remarks and not good in making decisions.

A lot of people find October borns extremely annoying because of their nature of giving too personal remarks, without even knowing that they already hurt someone. This is one negative trait of October-born individuals.

Making their own great decisions can be very hard for these people. It is even harder for them to learn in their mistakes. However, they can always cope with it by utilizing their rational minds and accurate intuitions.

13. They can hurt people most often but recover easily.

October born individuals don’t have control over their anger, you can call them short tempered. Consequently, they hurt others most often but at the same time they are nicest one, this is the reason they recover their quarrels easily. They can get very high in anger but never keep anything in the heart. People born in October are wonderful, they are strongly motivated, optimistic and competitive. Traits of October born make them unique from others. Surely, not all the October born possess all these traits but you will definitely find these qualities in the depths of their personality. People born in October prefer to live in the moment rather than stress over the future. They like to deal with situations as they come. That is what makes them different! When everyone else is thinking of what is going to happen tomorrow, October borns think about today. And that is their policy for everything. No wonder they are always positive! Don't you think they're just great?

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  • Gloh riee
    Gloh riee

    I am proud to be an October born
    I rep October 8😉
    I rep Libra♎Zodiac

    Who is with me on this one ?

  • Ghlo riee
    Ghlo riee

    Proud to be an October born
    I rep October 8😉
    I rep Libra♎ Zodiac

  • Funke

    So so true….. This is really me…… Proudly October 3rd babe.

  • Funke

    So so true….. This is really me…… Proudly October 3rd babe.

  • Shegun

    All is facts


    Wow I see my self in dis words proud to a can October born, bt as for the last part we r future planners being an oct born x a blessing

  • Ernestina

    I’m Oct 13th♎️🤘

  • Peter musyoki
    Peter musyoki

    Very #true

  • Alex Mulbah
    Alex Mulbah

    And lastly October born are born-detectives. Their instincts is almost always correct. Proud to be an October guy -17-10-88

  • dbryts

    i represent 16th and i love it thank to GOD.

  • Tamara

    Veerlee am 20th too. Wow! I believe everything. Proudly an October born#.

  • Bob

    This Article is very right,very true,only the last point,October born think of the future, they are great planners….. You are very right

  • October Born
    October Born

    Some of this is not true! I am born in October and I do not spend a lot of money and am not born a lover and lastly I am not Romantic!!

  • Prince

    Am happy to must have burn in October because all said are true

  • Veerle

    Lol, proud 20th october girl here. Most of it is true yes. 😎😄.

  • Raj Sunkara
    Raj Sunkara

    All my loving October people let’s follow the page Instagram @octoberbornsouls.
    Let’s stay connected 👸🏻♥️🤴🏻

  • Raj Sunkara
    Raj Sunkara

    Let’s all of us stay connected. Follow my Instagram Octoberborn

  • Raj Sunkara
    Raj Sunkara

    I’m just seeing myself in all these words. This is 99% true.
    I love the month October and people who born in October ♥️

  • sophia

    wow so me October 7th all the way

  • Vince

    3 Oct, it’s so weird how this sum’s up my personality. Really freaky…

  • Joshua Blessing
    Joshua Blessing

    All l can say is that,l am saying a reflection of me in this article….. Proudly October born,14th October, let’s rock and roll guys.

  • Obed

    Very true… I was born 7th October.,all said in this article is 100% true….omg

  • Daniel

    This is great.all of them partains to me.
    Am proud 2 be an october born.lets keep d dire burning my fellow lovelies.

  • Dennis

    This is no one else but myself… I love us guys, October borns are wonderful.. Let’s keep the dire burning because we have in us a very powerful gene and love that supersedes every other month.

  • Hammed

    Wow! This Article tells everything about me. And I’m very greatful… I’m a business man and I’m proud of my month October. 7th..

  • Kego

    They hurt other people often and very bad. it is a very wrong of you to say they recover eazily after such a pain and offence. They are insensetive, heartless and selfish

  • Dee

    This is so much like me

  • melanie

    i’m an October 10 born and i find this rather amazing..this is good ….will try everything thats said……….muchloveforoctober

  • Tunku M Jaydi
    Tunku M Jaydi

    I was born on the 14th of October. When I read the article above I feel like I’m reading my own personal autobiography…

  • Mya

    Mostly true! October 23 ’91 :-D Peace, Love, Good Health and Happiness to you all Earth Family.

  • Oladipupo Bolanle
    Oladipupo Bolanle

    This is all me, when it comes to decision making pls don’t call me, but with the help of God I have been able to make some decision for myself and friends. When it come to spending money I have problems, I don’t worry about tomorrow I’ll just spent the money believing another will surely come. One of my Colleague, At work has taken advantage of that every day she tells me to by her food, completing she doesn’t have money. I love buying expensive thing for people ,I don’t have low self esteem at all the way and manner I prise myself at times eh , my boss will be like. My family are my one priority, was surprise to see then write that. My love life
    hummm. From 1-13 it me.

  • Sammy

    This is all true. Am happy I am October born. Congratulations to us all

  • Lana Florence
    Lana Florence

    Omg!!! literally everything was soooooo true
    I’m October 26, and I’m so proud of being born in October.

  • motlatso cecil
    motlatso cecil

    how do you invistigate that? you have been sent by god do that . i salute you founder i thought i was only giving myself too much credit but we octobiens rock the world and believe it or not we are loyal with good hearts . is like we are the children of jesus.

  • Sanjay

    Proud to be born on 10 oct. Almost true what is written in this article. Thanks.

  • Sanjay

    Proud to be born on 10 oct. Almost true what is written in this article. Thanks.

  • Sam

    This so true about me I am oct 1 st this so far one of the greatest things I have read about oct people and it’s not 100% true ❤️

  • Jade

    I was just crying when I read the article this is all me 0ct 27

  • Jade

    I was just crying when I read the article this is all me 0ct 27

  • Merisa Kllomollari
    Merisa Kllomollari

    Woahh this is true. Not ALL of it is true for me but 3/4 is! Born on Oct 3 c:

  • Morgan

    All that I read is true am 24 Oct and am proud to be but the temper is too much it needs to be control God help us

  • Dennis

    wow!!….its true….am an october 27th material

  • Namrata

    M very lucky to have my both kids born on October7th and 10th October

  • Namrata

    M very lucky to have my both child born in October.

  • Zayn

    Omg this is all sooo true. That’s literally me!! How they know all this?! That’s crazy. October 4th! Omg 😅

  • Poppy

    Im October the 20th women, I read this and its totally true, I mostly tell it like it is without wasting time; even in my career. Loyalty is my key, I will be there for those I love but if they give me doubts I can easily remove them from my life and move on as if they never existed in my life.

  • Desmond Fiifi Agyarko
    Desmond Fiifi Agyarko

    I am proud to be an October born on 22nd .

  • Nishu Solanki
    Nishu Solanki

    🤔…well few things are not true about me..but it is good..

  • salma

    Whoever wrote this…………so congrats!My son is an October born and what u have written is definitely TRUE…!

  • Stunna

    It’s very true oct 20
    Follow on ig:stunna stuntin

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