13 Unbelievable Traits Of People Born In September


People born in the month of September are without a doubt the best people to talk to. They are very good at making conversations and have the coolest attitude of all. They can be very particular about some of the materialistic things in life but they are always good to people around them. People who are born in this particular month will have intensely interesting personalities. Following are some of the traits of people born in September.

1. They are extremely polite.

Even if you hear a ‘no’ from them, it will be in the politest way. September born are conscious to not hurt people with their small rejections. They are very good in persuading people and it is very difficult to say no to them. You will find that people born in September make very good lawyers and teachers because of their straightforward approach.
2. They stay close to the truth and always keep it real.

They are not made of fantasies and fiction. They believe in ground reality and accept situations very easily which is why they act so cool in difficult situations. They never struggle between the right and wrong because they always have a strong perception about what is right and do the right thing according to them. September born take quick action regarding everything and speak harsh truth.
People born in September get frustrated by incompetence and stupidity. They don’t have time for anybody’s bullshit.

They aren’t the most patient person in the world when it comes to dealing with downright incompetence and stupidity. They don’t have time for pettiness and they definitely don’t have time to play games. In fact, they can smell your bullshit from a mile away. If they don't vibrate on the same frequency there's just no reason for them to waste their time.
3. They are highly anxious people and worry a lot.

People born in September are in a habit of over thinking things. They are no different from everyone else when it comes to overthinking. This is the reason why they are in a hyper worrying state if a problem arises and it is very difficult for them to settle their brain down. They take a lot of time to get used to the problem at hand in order to resolve it. They will not take a step or decision without OVER thinking about it first. A million possibilities and ‘what ifs’ will go through their heads. So they rarely get into trouble, because their careful decisions always lead to the right ones.
4. They love everything that is on the plate.

‘Food is King’ is their motto and they live by it each day. People who were born in September are also highly adventurous eaters with big appetites, though they prefer to call themselves foodies. When they travel, culture shock doesn’t faze them because they are too busy trying out the local cuisine. The way to their heart is through their stomach. Just serve them hot and fresh from the flames and they will eat it. This is one of the reasons they love travelling. Trying new cuisines is one of their passions and they never complain. If you really want to win your way into your September born’s heart, make sure to include food in your dates. Share your favorite restaurant, try a new ethnic cuisine together, cook their favorite meal, or bake your favorite dessert.
5. People born in September get bored easily.

Despite being grateful for what they have, those born in September do unfortunately get bored easily. They are adventurous and energetic, which makes them bored quickly. This is because they have a zest for life and want to be out living, doing, and experiencing it to the fullest. A side effect of getting bored easily is an intense love of travel. Travelling offers a world of new experiences for the September born, not the least of which is the chance to try new types of food! They always find new ways to keep themselves dying from boredom. Since they find happiness in the smallest of things, even playing in the rain is fun to them! They prefer to spend more time outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature.
6. September borns have a love for books.

Since no one can afford to travel all the time, the next best thing is to explore new worlds and cultures through reading. As such, people born in September are the true readers and the definition of bookworms. This is one habit which others can find irritating but reading is something that defines people born in September because they have a hunger for knowledge. No matter where they go or what they do, they always have a book in hand. They don’t limit themselves to fictional worlds either - they read fiction and nonfiction with equal gusto. They are also fascinated by the human mind, so don’t get paranoid if you find them reading psychology textbooks. If anything, this interest can help them understand you better!
7. They are very affectionate.

People born in September are very affectionate! Not only are they loving, they are also caring and unselfish. People sense this unselfish nature and are immediately drawn to September-borns who seem like a breath of fresh air in a world full of selfish people who only care about their own interests. Still, people who were born in September are very careful about who they show this gentler side too, preferring to reserve it for those they love and trust. This makes you one of the lucky few!
8. September Born, the misunderstood souls.

September Born are often misunderstood souls. Their finicky nature does not allow them to get close to anyone easily and hence, people think very differently about them. They have sensitive souls within, that is really working towards the interest of the others. They just want to ensure everyone is happy but find it difficult to communicate this idea.
9. They are real hard-workers.

September born is a go-getter and the word “quit” is NOT in their vocabulary. They like to see things through to the end and make sure everything is done right-well their version anyway. You’ll never meet a person more focused or determined. They are known to put their heart and soul into their work and live upto all their responsibilities. They are career focused and will put in their hundred percent in their education and professional life. Thus, they tend to live upto everybody’s expectations and excel in life. Science suggest that people born in September significantly achieve more early development goals than those born in earlier months. Way to go!!!
10. They want things done their way.

It is but obvious that hard-working people are prone to be sheer perfectionists. People born in September needs everything to go their way. If a work is to be done they want it done their way and none other’s. Well this is just the way September born deal with their daily life. Perfection is reflected in their work and no matter what task they pick they do it with all their heart. They will try and try till they get their desired result. Which is not a bad thing because it only shows how dedicated they are to any work they're doing. They will ensure that every responsibility they take up is fulfilled on time and nobody gets a chance to point a finger even at a single fault. Furthermore, they will even try to influence the ones around them to work flawlessly. It can get a little annoying for the people around them, but that’s what makes them different, right?
11. They are grateful for everything.

September borns are appreciative of everything in life, even the smallest of things. It doesn't matter to them if that's a great thing or even just a compliment! They will be very thankful for everything and truly grateful. They also don’t take anything for granted and appreciate anything or anyone that walks into their life. They cherish every moment as a gift from the Universe and appreciate even the smallest compliment. What this means for you is that it will be easy to keep your September born happy. They are grateful to have you in your lives and they don’t require extravagant gifts to love you. As a side benefit to you, you will never feel unappreciated!
12. September borns are likely to be smarter than everyone else ( according to research ).

September borns have clever minds and a keen attention to detail that allows them find solutions to problems that others simply miss. They are awfully intelligent people. You could see that even when you are holding a normal conversation with them. These people are the ones you must talk to if you want to have an intellectual discussion. They have critical way of thinking, so you can be sure that you will get brilliant ideas from them. They always see things in a wide perspective. They are able to break down seemingly impossible problems into small and workable parts and then come up with a solution that actually works. They have second thoughts about everything, because they always weigh in the pros and cons before they take a decision. Even if they fall in love with you, they will definitely evaluate the future of your relationship before making it official. If a September born ends up asking too many questions, don’t be annoyed; it’s probably for the best. September borns aren’t imprudent and irrational, they have an amazing ability to understand people, and they always trust their instinct while making important decisions. This is not because not that they monotonous, they are just extra cautious.
September borns have Detective mind.

They have very good analytical and logical skills and that help them to investigate any matter. They also have a built-in bullshit detector, so you better be coming at them with the real thing. They don’t waste time on pointless drama and that mindset especially applies to relationships. They have inherited a powerful investigative mind that could lead you to science, chemicals, research, radio, television, newspaper reporting, computer programming and the law.
September borns are picky.

People in this world can be picky or the other way around. Some of those people who are picky are the September-born individuals. They never settle for anything without checking it first thoroughly. They make sure that they will really like it. Good example is when making friends.
13. September borns make the most of a relationship.

September borns are happiest when in a relationship. They prefer to share their moments and experiences with someone beside them, be it a relationship of love or friendship. They like it when there is someone else on the same page as them. And they only show their true self to the people they trust! They manage relationships very well and complement their partners in every way. They know how to balance every aspect of a relationship be it romance, seriousness, fun and even sensuality. They are the people who never run away from commitments and make a fairly good pair. They just can’t survive alone and need a better half.
They are loyal til the very end to those who have earned their trust.

It can take a while to truly earn the trust and loyalty of a September born but once you do you can consider them to be an ally for life. If you become part of their inner circle, you can expect them to go to the ends of the world for you. They love to see their friends and family happy and will move mountains to make sure that this is the case. There is nothing stronger than their loyalty. No matter how the table turns, they will not be swayed to change their sincere feelings about you.

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  • Cecilia Posadas Raymundo
    Cecilia Posadas Raymundo

    That’s the real me.

  • Cecilia Posadas Raymundo
    Cecilia Posadas Raymundo

    That’s the real me.


    Its true and unbelievable

  • Mena

    So true about me.except for the food aspect.i was just laughing

  • annie

    all are true about it

  • Dyrine

    Very True!

  • Jockebed

    Wow! This is actually true like everything said here is me except for the food part.

  • Jeremy

    I wouldn’t say that i am hardworking but i always try to fall in love with what am doing, be it a job or a career but trust me this makes things way easier than actually workings hard.
    Tips for my September born people
    1.falling in love with what you do is the best way to go
    2.always look at things from a long term perspective
    3.its ok to be an introvert and shy, but practice practice practice to maintain eye contact with people, as uncomfortable as it may seem at first it will get easier with time(eye contact makes us seem confident and we become less intimidated by people)
    4.this is for guys, we come from different parts of the world with different cultures, loving one girl does not make us week as our peers might put it. We are compassionate people we can’t help ourselves.
    Take life easy

  • Edwards smith
    Edwards smith


  • ndummy

    Soo true💖99% ..iam really allegic to bulshit. Idont hide.the truth i keep it real

  • J Boy
    J Boy

    95% true expet food not really

  • J Boy
    J Boy

    95% true expet food not really

  • Godwin

    Yeh. They are all true about me except that I don’t think am a foodie. You didn’t talk about giving. I give a lot but I still think am stingy even though people don’t classify me as such.

  • JEnesel

    OMG!! Its trueeee except of foodie!! But True im Allergic of bullshittsss when I read This I luagh cause its trueee❣

    Septemberr 11 here❣😍

  • Susie Thao
    Susie Thao

    I agree with my fellow Semtemberites 😄 All accurate with the exception of a Foodie. I have a premium appetite but am far from a Foodie. -Susie 🌸 born Sep 3rd!

  • Pills♡

    😂😂Soo true.. im a foodie😂😍 Im erthang nice😂 n i worry a lot😂 i love wit all ma heart☺ yey us😂

  • Dzifa

    It is accurately
    factual about us.💗💖💖💖💝💞…..u know being foodies is a necessity for us cause we can’t do all those admirable stuffs without being credited….lol😃.

  • Dzifa

    It is accurately
    factual about us.💗💖💖💖💝💞…..u know being foodies is a necessity for us cause we can’t do all those admirable stuffs without being credited….lol😃.

  • Yazir

    My friends say I’m all of those don’t believe them lol but guess I am

  • Emmanuel

    Except from the food stuff.. All the things u said is true.

  • Samuel

    All is 100% true about me… Wow… Even my aunt confirmed it all… Sept 1st!, we rule…!!!!! UP US!

  • Joy

    Yeah is true

  • Bright Ck
    Bright Ck

    Its all true about me…Sept 1st………….see myself in all you said…..1💘

  • Luna

    My cousin is born in september and very few of these are true about him. He’s very selfish and never wants to help a friend out. I was born in august and he was born in september, but I’m the misunderstood soul, he’s about like every one else I know. One thing is he loves his food and he is a very kind and appreciated cousin! That’s why I love him. <3


    So damn true… Like it’s soooo me

  • Daniel

    So true
    Especially the food part
    Lol.. Foodie

  • sera

    very true about who im….

  • Thandeka

    Everything said is very true. Im just like that but not a foody. From being loyal, perfectionist, like to keep loved ones happy, appreciating little things…thats me.

  • Niru

    Ya .but how it is possible!

  • Ntanga Chuckee
    Ntanga Chuckee

    So true expect am not a foody

  • Mindy

    This is all so true

  • Aysa

    Excactly , specially food part😂

  • Roshawn Carter
    Roshawn Carter

    100% true

  • Tracy


  • toby

    yoh ,when i was reading this i was laughing cz everything said is true except the one abt food,im still shocked

  • Linn

    My friend is not like that at all

  • ƙıῳı

    True. But I’m not goody tho but everything else is true

  • shekarou flora
    shekarou flora

    OMG…so true!

  • Queen

    All they said is 98% true about my type of person….but I’m not a foody……no no way….I’m not Into food…but every other description is very accurate

  • Queen

    All they said is 98% true about my type of person….but I’m not a foody……no no way….I’m not Into food

  • Martin

    Most of the descriptions I read here are 95%true of my person.

  • Mona

    😇Everything is true but I’m not a foody
    I really worry a lot even for a silly reason
    I’m Monarch in my family 👑

  • Mona

    Everything is true but I’m not a foody

  • Princess

    Little wonder Igo extra miles for people,. O dont know how to say no….
    I also put my very best of loyalty for my rltnship to work…buh dey eventually disappoint me…hmmmm

  • Dorothy

    I never understood why I was always worrying over little things until I read this. They are all very true.

  • Omparkash


  • Garima

    Very true !!

  • Garima

    Very true !!

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